Since I was young, I have been enamored with the ability of a camera to capture and hold the radiance of nature. Always keeping a camera near at hand, I began my distinguished photography career back when I was only a  Boy Scout, capturing images of my adventures on a simple box camera. In the following years, I continued to hone my photography skills, and my love for the art only grew.

In 1971, our nation’s involvement in the Viet Nam conflict prompted me to enlist in the United States Navy. My dedication to our nation’s safety and well-being led me to further serve by becoming a member of the  elite Navy Underwater Demolition Teams and SEALs; programs which only 6% of applicants are considered, and only 1 in 4 of that 6% are able to complete due to the rigorous training.

During my 22 years of patriotic duty, I continued my  photography career, and was able to add to my  photographic portfolio from the rare view of a Navy Frogman and SEAL. As a professional photographer, I have the same dedication and attention to detail I developed in the military to produce quality pictures you would be proud to display.

Now living in the gorgeous northwest area of Arkansas, I spend my time photographing the raw natural beauty found in the Ozark Mountain region, as well as the various destinations in the country and around the world to which I've traveled.